Choose the Best Gas Cut Off Saw for Your Jobsite Needs

Cut off saws

They are known by many names, power saws, power cutters, cut off saws, construction saws, and once you have one you might just call it The Saw. But how do you know what cut off saw is the best? Created for cutting where cutting isn’t always easy, these gas or electric-powered beast-tools pack enough power to get your job done quickly. 

I grew up around construction. Running one of these saws was just part of a normal day, whether it was cutting brick for a fireplace, or cutting rebar for a basement foundation. My dad always told me, the right tool will make you money, even if it’s expensive. To me, that meant the right tool will save time and help get the job done faster. I’ve used lots of these saws and I want to help you choose the right saw for your job or jobsite. 

There are multiple options available today. The gas-powered originals are fast, powerful, and versatile. The electric, battery and corded options bring new flexibility and are lighter weight. 

With the right blade, these saws can cut through just about anything. 

Common uses include:

Concrete cutting: cutting expansion lines in a concrete patio or parking area, cutting curbing, and trimming broken edges, just to name a few. 

Cutting masonry: cutting brick, block, and stone is no problem for a cut off saw with a good blade.

Cutting metal: With an abrasive disk blade, these saws will make short work of trimming rebar or hardware cloth. They can cut through reinforcing mesh, lath, and even solid sheet or I-beams if needed. 

Demolition: When you need to remove material to make room for a new door, a cut off saw can be a quick way to get through whatever material needs to go. Abrasive and diamond blades aren’t meant for cutting through wood. They’ll mostly just smoke and burn. But when you need to open a wall into a foundation for a new egress window, this is the way to go. 

In this article we’re going to explore some of the best-reviewed gas-powered saws available and help you choose the saw that will help meet your needs on the job site, or wherever you need to get cutting done. 

All of the saws reviewed in this article are 2-stroke, gas-powered tools. Most of them can cut wet or dry (always wear proper safety equipment when using power tools). 14” blade saws are generally designed for a cutting depth of about 5”. Some of the other specialty saws below can cut deeper. 

Not all saws include blades. 14” diamond blades can usually be purchased for $25-$75 (and up). 

DescriptionPower SourceAmazon LinkBlade Size/Depth of CutWeightWet CutDry Cut
Sencore S8100Gas 14″ / 5″26.5 lbs Yes Yes
Husqvarna K770Gas 14″ / 5″22.4 lbs Yes Yes
Husqvarna K760Gas 14″ / 5″ 27 lbs Yes Yes
Makita EK7301Gas 14″ / 5″ 30.4 lbs Yes Yes
Makita EK6101Gas 14″ / 5″ 19.6 lbs Yes Yes
Hilti DSH 700Gas 14″ / 5″ 26.2 lbs Yes Yes
ICS 680ES-14Gas 14″ / 14″19 lbs Yes No
ICS 695XL-16Gas 16″ / 16″34 lbs Yes No
Husqavarna K970 Ring SawGas″ / 10″61 lbs Yes No
Husqavarna K760 Cut-n-BreakGas″ / 16″24.5 lbs Yes No

14” Blade Saws


Leading the pack is the Husqvarna brand. Husqvarna has been making chainsaws and power tools since 1959 (though they are a much older company). The Husqvarna K770 gas-powered saw is probably the most common saw you’ll see on the jobsite. This saw has a 14” blade capacity, 5hp, and weighs 22.4 lbs. Blade not included. 

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Also consider the Husqvarna K760. 

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Both of these are great choices if you’ve never owned a gas powered cut off saw before. They’re fast, powerful, and reliable. 


Sencore is a less known, less popular brand, but they are generally well reviewed on the internet. This Sencore S8100 saw has a 14” blade capacity, 5hp, and weighs 26.5 lbs. Blade not included. 

This model also boasts Auto Lube Technology. Instead of mixing your 2-stroke oil in a can, this saw will do it for you. With an 81cc engine and weighing only 26.5 lbs, this saw packs a lot of bang for the buck. 

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Makita is well known for their quality power tools. Their saws are no different. Here are two Makita saws with power and quality for your jobsite. 

The Makita EK730 has a 14” blade capacity, 5 hp, and weighs 30.4 lbs. It has a 73 cc engine. Blade included.

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The Makita EK6101 has a 14” blade capacity, 4.4 hp, and weighs 19.6 lbs. It has a 61 cc engine. Blade not included. 

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Hilti is another brand known for their power tools, quality, and reputation as a pro-level provider of quality equipment. 

The Hilti DSH 700x is an amazing saw with a 14” blade, 5hp, and weighs 26.2 lbs. It has a 68.7 cc engine. 

I had to cut a 30 foot tall joint line in a building once. This saw would have been great for that cut. The lighter weight would have made the job that much easier since I was basically holding the saw I had out while another guy operated the scissor lift. If I could go back in time to that day, this is the saw I would chose to have with me.

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Specialty Saws

Sometimes you just need to get that cut a little deeper. For those special cases we have masonry chainsaws, a ring saw, and the cut-n-break saw. 

Masonry chainsaws work. They can be slow, and sometimes a bit finicky, but if you want to cut through 8” block and a layer of brick all at once, these saws will do the job and leave the cleanest cut possible. Be patient, and be sure to use water. All of the saws below are wet cut only. 


ICS saws are chainsaws with special abrasive blades and water connections for cooling and carrying away dust. 

The 680ES has a 14” long chain blade, 5hp, and weighs 19 lbs. Chain included. 

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The 695XL has a 16” long chain blade, 7hp, and weighs 34 lbs. Chain included. 

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Ever seen one of those hubless motorcycles? These Husqvarna ring saws are kind of like that. Not really, but kind of. These saws use a ring shaped blade mounted to a drive center that is as thin as the blade itself. Now your 14” blade has a penetration depth up to 10”. Less finicky than chain blades, Ring blades can cut almost as fast as a traditional style blade and cut through a thick slab, or make it through a wall from one side only. 

The Husqvarna K970 Ring Saw has a 14” blade with a 10” cutting depth, 6.4 hp, and weighs 61 lbs. Blade not included, but available here (

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One last type of saw, the Husqvarna K760 Cut-N-Break deep cutting power saw. This saw uses a double blade setup to cut a wide kerf into the material. You use the included breaking tool to clear the path, then keep cutting up to 16” deep. 

The Husqvarna K760 Cut-N-Break deep cutting power saw has a dual blade setup, 5 hp, and weighs 24.5 lbs. Blades included. 

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