Is a Battery Powered Cut Off Saw Worth It?

Is a battery powered cut off saw worth the money?

On one side of the ring we have electric powered cut off saws. They can be powerful, and they cost less than their gas powered cousins. But, you need a power source, and you can only reach as far as your extension cords. Even then you shouldn’t go too far or you’ll burn up your cords.

On the other side of the ring we have the old classic, gas powered saws. They are loud, powerful, and can go anywhere as long as you have two-cycle gas on hand. But what do you do if your spark plugs foul up? Or your air filter clogs, or your pull cord breaks?

Well, maybe having power at the push of a button is exactly what you need. I am in no way promising that these battery powered saws will never break, but they are pretty reliable. Just don’t forget to charge the batteries.


The M18 FUEL 9″ Cut-Off Saw w/ONE-KEY is an incredibly adaptable answer for cutting a huge assortment of materials. The cordless remove saw runs on the MILWAUKEE M18 REDLITHIUM batteries as opposed to utilizing gas like most customary remove saws. The cut off saw gives you the Power To Cut Reinforced Concrete and a huge assortment of other metal and materials. It does this exhibition while as yet being Up To half Lighter Than Gas demo saws that are in the market today. By using our M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 Battery (excluded), the saw likewise guarantees you will encounter No Gas Headaches. The substantial cutting saw delivers no exhaust so you can utilize it inside. It likewise fires up in a flash, takes out your need to blend gas and oil, and there is no gas motor support. The M18 FUEL 9″ Cut-Off Saw likewise has ONE-KEY coordinated so you can remotely interface the device with your cell phone to follow and deal with the apparatus.

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The FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Cordless Brushless Cut-Off Saw makes slices up to 3-1/4 in. profound and highlights an elite brushless engine that gives up to 6, 500 RPM with moment on usefulness. Make quick and proficient single pass cuts and scores in concrete, pavestones, steel, and rebar. A rotatable 5-position watch permits the determination of approach plot for ideal perceivability and availability when cutting in restricted spaces. A beltless all-metal drivetrain makes this saw strong and effective. The hooked and fixed battery box gives extra insurance from unforgiving place of work conditions. ͍ The double sided water feed framework offers an OSHA Table 1 Compliant answer for dust the board when cutting cement and masonry materials. ͍ Featuring a front handle that can be stood firm on in three situations, the saw can be utilized to cut in both flat and vertical positions. Also, another substantial burden pointer light gives the client power and runtime criticism during requesting applications. ͍ This instrument is Tool Connect exchange; Tag-Ready™ (Tool Connect Tag sold independently). This pack incorporates 1 FLEXVOLT Diamond Wheel and 1 FLEXVOLT Cut-Off Wheel, each advanced for use with the FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* 9 in. Remove Saw.

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Time is Money

To know if this saw is really the right one for you, you need to know what your time is worth. Is it worth your time to have a portable power cutter on hand at the push of a button? Is it worth your time to wrap up a bunch of extension cords at the end of the day?

Or maybe, this saw is just a luxury? It sure is nice to not have to pull the starting cord a bunch of times before you can make your cut.

Personally, I think this category of saw is a luxury.