The Best Air Gun for Varmint Control: What You Need to Know

From pesky house pests to destructive garden visitors, you need the right weapon to protect what’s yours. But how do you choose the perfect air rifle- and how do we accurately define “perfect”? Read on to find the best varmint air guns for controlling pests!

The What- What Makes a Gun an Effective Varmint Deterrent?

The term “varmint” serves as a broad umbrella for an array of different pests, each of which requires a specific approach to control. There are some core characteristics, though, to consider when selecting the best gun for this purpose. First and foremost, air guns use compressed air or CO2 to fire projectiles. This eliminates the need for traditional firearm ammunition, making them a safer option. Additionally, they are often equipped with noise-dampening features and are able to fire rounds at much greater speeds than most BB guns. This higher speed offers more accuracy, a crucial feature in accurately hitting a small target.

The How – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Varmint Air Gun

When shopping around for your weapon of choice, there are several factors to consider. First, you’ll need to determine the size of your target and how quickly you’d like it to be eliminated. This is important because larger guns tend to be heavier, making them more difficult to maneuver for extended amounts of time. Additionally, you’ll want to think through the recoil, noise, range, and power of your gun. Some guns are made specifically for long-ranged shooting while others are better at close-up shots.

To better illustrate the options, below is a list of the best varmint air guns available on the market today:

  • Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol – This well-balanced weapon offers extreme accuracy and reliable performance. The low recoil makes it easy to shoot for extended periods of time.
  • Umarex Hammer – This gun delivers unbelievable power and accuracy with its high-end technologies. Its gas-piston design eliminates regular spring fatigue.
  • Hatsan BullBoss QE with Scope – This gun offers unbelievably tight grouping and accuracy. The self-regulating technology ensures consistency every time.

The Benefits of Varmint Control

A recent study revealed that in areas where larger pests are properly controlled, farmers are able to benefit from a 50% increase in crop production due to the protection of their produce from being eaten or destroyed. Furthermore, the managed removal of small pests can help to temporarily reduce their presence. This decrease in population can lessen the chances of these creatures being a nuisance to the neighborhood or property.


Q: What advantages do air rifles offer for varmint control?

A: Air rifles provide a safer option since they don’t require traditional firearm ammunition. They also offer more accuracy, greater speed, and noise reduction features.

Q: What should I consider when selecting an air rifle?

A: Think through size, recoil, noise, range, and power.

Q: What type of pests is an air rifle ideal for?

A: Air rifles are best for controlling larger pests like skunks, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons. They also work for smaller critters like squirrels, rats, and even birds (if you’re a good enough shot).

Do you have any questions about choosing the perfect gun for varmint control?

Varmint control is a tricky and perhaps overwhelming endeavor. Finding the perfect air rifle can make a world of difference, however, and knowing the basics of what to look for can make all the difference. To reiterate, the key features to consider are size, recoil, noise, range, and power. If you’re looking for the best varmint air guns, consider the ones detailed in the list above. Keep in mind that pest control also requires patience and a great deal of precision, however with the right weapon these pests can be managed effectively.

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