Why is Silica Dust a Big Deal

And What Dust Mask Protects Against Silica Dust?

Why is silica dust a big deal when cutting masonry like stone or brick?

To put it bluntly, silica dust will get into your lungs and never leave. From your lungs the dust can agitate your kidneys, your heart, and other parts of your body. It’s important to protect yourself from silica dust when cutting any and all types of masonry products.

You should wet-cut whenever possible. Even with wet cutting, some dust escapes into the air. You should wear a dust mask even when cutting with water.

Man cutting concrete is exposed to airborne silica dust.
Bad Example. No Mask.

Using proper dust protection can protect you from airborne dust. Protecting yourself from airborne dust will protect you from an early, painful death. Protect yourself from silica dust.

Any mask is better than nothing. But airborne silica can be small. Wearing a bandana or a t-shirt over your face isn’t really providing much protection.

Those cheap, disposable paper dust masks are kind of the next step up. They might provide some protection, but they’re not designed for dust at this level. Repeat, they are not for use against silica.

Here are a few of my favorite dust masks designed to protect against silica when worn properly.

Face Wrap Masks

These masks, usually made from neoprene, are designed for comfort and (if you buy the right ones) will protect against silica dust.

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Respirator Style Masks

Generally speaking, a respirator style mask will provide a better fit. A better fit will protect against dust sneaking past your filters and into your lungs.

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3M is among the top names in respirators. They offer lots of products that fit the bill.

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Yigsm. I’ll call this generic. Still works.

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Another kind of Respirator

These respirator masks use smaller filters for a more compact design.

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Professional Heavy Duty Protection

If you’re cutting a lot of masonry, I mean like all-day exposure, you should consider some real protection. This Parcil industrial dust mask and face shield will protect you from dust and protect your eyes.

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Choose a mask that will work for you. I recommend keeping it in a bag or case if it doesn’t come with one. Use an old pillowcase or something. Do your research. This blog is not responsible for you buying the wrong kind of mask.