Self Propelled Floor Scrubber From Amazon

We bought this walk-behind floor scrubber at work. It’s pretty cool, quieter than our old one, and we bought it on Amazon.

Here’s the deal… At our factory, we have one of these little floor scrubbers for cleaning the breakroom, hallways, and other areas that are large and too tight for a ride-on floor scrubber. Our oldest machine finally died and we did a bunch of research to decide what to do next.

Our old machine was a TomCat Carbon 28″ scrubber. It was a good machine. A replacement was quoted for over $12,000 or a refurbished was quoted for over $9,600. That was more than we could get approved.

We looked at a few other machines before deciding on the Sunmax. A Tennant T5 28″ refurbished was about $5,000. A Nobles 20″ walk behind was a little over $5,000. A Global Industrial 17″ unit was a little less, $2,400 and a Global Industrial 20″ corded unit was $2,000.

Ultimately, we decided the extra few inches of the Sunmax 22″ and battery power were the right combination for us. You can see this unit on Amazon by clicking here:

I never thought to look on Amazon for industrial equipment like this before. It’s kind of opened my eyes to some of the options for larger equipment that we usually rely on sales reps for.

Here’s another slightly cheaper SunMax. This one doesn’t have as much battery storage:

This Emotor Riding Floor Scrubber has a very small footprint for it’s size. It has a 21″ brush and a 21 gallon recovery tank.

It’s remarkable to me how many things can be purchased online. What’s the coolest, large industrial machine you’ve seen and purchased sight unseen?