Solar Powered Security Lights for Your Shop

Do you need more outdoor light in dark places? Are you wondering which solar motion light is going to be best for you? During the winter months, it’s nice to have some extra security lights in parts of your yard for convenience, safety, and ease of access. Solar-powered security lights are a great option for adding extra illumination to your yard or shop area without the difficulty or expense of running power.

I have several of these lights around my yard, and around my chicken coop. They are bright and maintenance-free. I installed them to scare away predators, and they seem to be working for that. I also like them so that I can see when I go out to collect eggs after dark. In the winter, that’s every night because the sun goes down so early.

Need more light? Try one of these larger units. In fact, here’s a two-pack:

Or, if you want the light someplace where the sun don’t shine, try this unit with a separate solar panel.

I used a setup just like this to add light inside my storage-container workshop. I drilled a hole big enough for the wire, installed the solar panel outside, and glued the lights to some magnets to hang them inside the container. IT was a great option and plenty bright for seeing inventory and working at my workbench. If you use shipping containers for storage or anything like that, I highly recommend a solar light so you can see the inside better.