Tools I Wish I Had in My Shop – Lathes

This is just a quick list of some tools I wish I had, but I don’t for whatever reason, mostly money, maybe space. This will probably be a multi-part kind of post.

A Wood Lathe

Man I wish I had a lathe. They just look so cool. I had one once, a long time ago, but I lost it when my shop burned down. The lathe I had wasn’t new, or very nice. It was old with a belt driven motor that I had to clamp to my table. It was a gift from my father-in-law.

I love to watch the lathe videos on youtube. Making a bowl from an old piece of firewood, or a burl just looks very rewarding. Of course, most of those guys are using something more like this:

But you gotta start somewhere. And if you’re looking to make your woodturning into a business a big lathe with lots of options and power is probably a better choice.

A Metal Lathe

Do you ever watch This Old Tony? He makes this stuff look pretty easy. I’m sure it’s not, but I’ve never tried it. A small lathe like this would be an easy-ish place to start.