Best Tool Gifts for Your Wife – 2023

Nothing says “I Love You” like a new hammer or a drill, right? Well, for some people buying a few tools for their wife is a practical and thoughtful gesture. What tools to buy for your wife, and knowing that they’ll have some power to get things done shows trust and independence. When I was … Read more

Tools I Wish I Had in My Shop – Lathes

This is just a quick list of some tools I wish I had, but I don’t for whatever reason, mostly money, maybe space. This will probably be a multi-part kind of post. A Wood Lathe Man I wish I had a lathe. They just look so cool. I had one once, a long time ago, … Read more

Best Measuring Tools for Construction 2023

What is the best laser distance measure tool in 2021? What is the best measuring wheel? Should I have a 25′ tape measure or a 35′ tape measure? You’ll need a lot of tools working in construction. Let’s review some of the basics and a few of the extras too. Tape Measures Let’s start with … Read more

Why Having The Right Tools For The Job Is so Important

Is having the right tools for the job worth the money? As a foreman, general contractor, or sole proprietor/handy man you probably have a lot of tools. So how do you know when it’s worth spending more for a better version of a tool, or adding a new tool to your arsenal? Some of us … Read more