Best Measuring Tools for Construction 2023

What is the best laser distance measure tool in 2021? What is the best measuring wheel? Should I have a 25′ tape measure or a 35′ tape measure? You’ll need a lot of tools working in construction. Let’s review some of the basics and a few of the extras too. Tape Measures Let’s start with … Read more

Why is Silica Dust a Big Deal

And What Dust Mask Protects Against Silica Dust? Why is silica dust a big deal when cutting masonry like stone or brick? To put it bluntly, silica dust will get into your lungs and never leave. From your lungs the dust can agitate your kidneys, your heart, and other parts of your body. It’s important … Read more

What is the Best 14″ Diamond Blade for Concrete

There are so many diamond blades on the market. How do you know which is the best 14 inch diamond blade for cutting concrete, brick, block, stone, or tile? Do you need a sintered blade or laser welded blade? Should the blade be continuous or segmented? How do you know you’re going to get the … Read more

Why Having The Right Tools For The Job Is so Important

Is having the right tools for the job worth the money? As a foreman, general contractor, or sole proprietor/handy man you probably have a lot of tools. So how do you know when it’s worth spending more for a better version of a tool, or adding a new tool to your arsenal? Some of us … Read more

Is a Battery Powered Cut Off Saw Worth It?

Is a battery powered cut off saw worth the money? On one side of the ring we have electric powered cut off saws. They can be powerful, and they cost less than their gas powered cousins. But, you need a power source, and you can only reach as far as your extension cords. Even then … Read more

What is the Best Corded Cut Off Saw

Cut Off Saws How do you choose the best cut off saw for you? If you’ve never had a cut off saw of your own before, making the first purchase can be overwhelming. Electric cut off saws are a lower cost option for a powerful cutting if you have somewhere you can plug into power … Read more

Choose the Best Gas Cut Off Saw for Your Jobsite Needs

Cut off saws They are known by many names, power saws, power cutters, cut off saws, construction saws, and once you have one you might just call it The Saw. But how do you know what cut off saw is the best? Created for cutting where cutting isn’t always easy, these gas or electric-powered beast-tools … Read more